Hazards of Blocked Drains

Hazards of Blocked Drains and How to Prevent Them

Aside from being an eyesore and an obvious inconvenience, blocked drains london can be a source of health and safety issues for the residents of the affected building and the surrounding area. Drains and the sewer systems ensure that we maintain a clean and dry environment in which we can live and work in, by effectively directing unwanted liquid waste matter to the appropriate disposal locations. Information provided by drain clearance london and Plumbing London.

Such an appropriately prescribed purpose becomes an impossibility when the drain pipes get clogged and blocked. With blocked and clogged drains, comes the exposed waste liquids that are not only full of harmful germs and bacteria, but also capable of causing slips and falls when people walk on wet floors and walkways.

What Causes Blocked Drains

Drains generally get blocked by some form of debris that is either too big to move along the pipes, or in such quantities as to cause a concentrated buildup that holds itself together in an unmovable mass. Therefore anything from leaves and twigs to waste food particles and pieces of hair can lead to blocked drains.

Lack of consistent maintenance of drainage systems is notably the biggest cause of their blockages. Without maintenance, any drain can eventually get clogged and blocked by the accumulation of solids in the wastewater or the solidification of the same over time.

Preventing Blocked Drains

Prevention has been known to be better than having to fixing a full-blown problem, and therefore stopping the blockage of drains in the first place should always be a priority through proper maintenance. It is much simpler to schedule a maintenance service than it is to get a plumber on short notice to deal with a blockage. There are quite decent and affordable drain clearance London experts who can be contracted for preventative drain maintenance services.

Other than constant maintenance of the drain systems, minimizing the possibilities of large debris getting inside the drains also helps in preventing drainage problems. An experienced plumber should be able to point out areas inside and outside a building that can do with additional strainers to catch things like food, hairs, leaves, gravel and so on.

Solutions for Blocked Drains

Slightly clogged drains can be unblocked using a plunger to help push the matter blocking the pipes along. However, without regular inspection and maintenance of such drains, plunging the debris further along will probably be just a postponement of the inevitable.

When the drains are completely blocked, hiring a qualified plumber is the most practical solution. With all the drain clearance London experts around, it is logical to leave such an exercise to the people with the right skills, tools and gear to unblock clogged drains. supported by Emergency Drain Unblocking.